Full Product List

Aberdeen Angus Ribeye on Bone 32oz
Aberdeen Angus - Chateaubriand
Aberdeen Angus - Cote De Beouf Kg
Aberdeen Angus - Cote De Boeuf 16oz
Aberdeen Angus - Dry Aged Ribeye Bone Out Kg
Aberdeen Angus - Dry Aged Sirloin Bone In Kg
Aberdeen Angus - Dry Aged Sirloin Bone Out Kg
Aberdeen Angus - Fillet Kg
Aberdeen Angus - Ribeye 10oz
Aberdeen Angus - Ribeye 12oz
Aberdeen Angus - Ribeye 8oz
Aberdeen Angus - Ribeye Kg
Aberdeen Angus - Sirloin 10oz
Aberdeen Angus - Sirloin 12oz
Aberdeen Angus - Sirloin 7oz
Aberdeen Angus - Sirloin 8oz
Aberdeen Angus - Sirloin Kg
Aberdeen Angus - Tomahawk 16oz
Aberdeen Angus - Tomahawk 32oz
Aberdeen Angus Fillet - Whole Kg
Aberdeen Angus T-Bone 16oz
Aberdeen Angus T-Bone 32oz
Aberdeen Angus T-Bone 500 Gram
Aberdeen Angus T-Bone Kg
Aberdeen Angus Tomahawk 20oz
Ayrshire Ham Houghs Kg
Ayrshire Pigs Ear Kg
Ayrshire Pork Cheeks Kg
Ayrshire Pork Shanks Kg
Ayrshire Pork Skin Kg
Ayrshire Smoked Ham Houghs Kg
Bacon Kg
Bavarian Bratwurst
Bavarian Smoked Ham (Pack)
Bavarian Smoked Sausage Kg
Beef & Pork Links Kg
Beef Brisket Kg
Beef Burger Mix (Beef & Pork) Kg
Beef Chipotle Steak Burgers 6oz
Beef Diced Rump (Stew) Kg
Beef Featherblade Kg
Beef Fillet (7+) - Whole
Beef Fillet - Whole 4+ Kg
Beef Fillet - Whole 5+ Kg
Beef Fillet 10oz
Beef Fillet 6oz
Beef Fillet 8oz
Beef Fillet 9oz
Beef Fillet Heads
Beef Fillet Tails
Beef Flat Iron 10oz
Beef Flat Iron Steak 6oz
Beef Flat Iron Steak 8oz
Beef Ham kg
Beef Links Kg
Beef Mince 85vl Kg
Beef Onglet Steak Kg
Beef Ox Cheeks Kg
Beef Ox Tongue Kg
Beef Oxtail Kg
Beef Ribeye - Whole
Beef Ribeye 10oz
Beef Ribeye 12oz
Beef Ribeye 4oz
Beef Ribeye 6oz
Beef Ribeye 8oz
Beef Ribeye on Bone 16oz
Beef Rump Steak - Whole D Rump Kg
Beef Rump Steak 10oz
Beef Rump Steak 12oz
Beef Rump Steak 4oz
Beef Rump Steak 6oz
Beef Rump Steak 8oz
Beef Salmon Cut Kg
Beef Shin Kg
Beef Short Ribs Kg
Beef Sirloin - Whole Striploins9+ Snooks
Beef Sirloin 10oz
Beef Sirloin 12oz
Beef Sirloin 2oz
Beef Sirloin 4oz
Beef Sirloin 6oz
Beef Sirloin 7oz
Beef Sirloin 8oz
Beef Sirloin 9oz
Beef Sirloin Stir Fry Kg
Beef Steak Burgers 2oz
Beef Steak Burgers 4oz
Beef Steak Burgers 5oz
Beef Steak Burgers 6oz
Beef Steak Burgers 8oz
Beef Steak Mince Kg
Beef Stirloin - Whole Striploins Kg
Beef Topside Kg
Black Forrest Ham (Pack)
Bockwurst Sausage Kg
Boneless Turkey Leg Meat Kg
Bratwurst Sausage Kg
Canoe Bones Kg
Charles MacLeod Stornoway Black Pudding
Chestnut Stuffing
Chicken Burger 4oz
Chicken Burger 6oz
Chicken Burger 8oz
Chicken Carcases Kg
Chicken Drumsticks Kg
Chipolatas Kg
Chorizo (Per Stick)
Chorizo and Pork Burger 2oz
Cumberland Ring Kg
Dont Use
Duck Livers Kg
Footlong Frankfurter Sausage Kg
Free Range Whole Turkey
Game/Other Diced Venison Kg
Game/Other Duck Breasts
Game/Other Duck Legs
Game/Other Pie Mix Kg
Game/Other Pigeon Breast
Game/Other Venison Burgers 6oz
Game/Other Venison Haunch Kg
Game/Other Venison Mince Kg
Game/Other Venison Saddle Bone In Kg
Game/Other Venison Steaks
Game/Other Whole Pheasant
Game/Other Whole Rabbit Kg
Game/Other Wood Pigeon
Gammon Steaks
Gourmet Burger Mix (Shoulder,Neck & Suet) 4Kg
Grants of Speyside 0.45kg Vegetarian Haggis
Grants Of Speyside 1.36kg Black Pudding
Grants of Speyside 1.36kg Haggis
Italian Meats Parma Ham
Italian Meats Pastrami
Italian Meats Pepperoni Kg
Italian Sausage Kg
Lamb Bones Kg
Lamb Burger 6oz
Lamb Burger 8oz
Lamb Diced Kg
Lamb Fillet Kg
Lamb Gigot Kg
Lamb Livers Kg
Lamb Loin Chops
Lamb Mince Kg
Lamb Rack Kg
Lamb Rumps Boneless kg
Lamb Shanks
Lamb Shoulder Kg
Lamb Sweetbreads Kg
Lambs Flanks Kg
Large Whole Chicken Kg
Marinaded Ostrich Steaks
Mastercarve Cooked Turkey & Legs Kg
Mixed Grill
Natural cooked turkey crown kg
Old Inns Lorne
Panchetta Diced Kg
Pigs In Blankets Kg
Pigs Trotters
Pork & Herb Sausages Kg
Pork Baby Back Ribs Kg
Pork Belly Kg
Pork Chorizo and Chipotle Burger 6oz
Pork Fillet Kg
Pork Links Kg
Pork Liver kg
Pork Loin Kg
Pork Mince Kg
Pork Ribs 10KG Case
Pork Sausage Meat Stuffing Kg
Pork Shoulder Kg
Potato Scones
Poultry Chicken Fillets
Poultry Chicken Fillets 10KG Case
Poultry Chicken Fillets 5KG Case
Poultry Chicken Legs Kg
Poultry Chicken Livers
Poultry Chicken Mince
Poultry Chicken Supremes (Skin On)
Poultry Chicken Thighs Oyster Cut Kg
Poultry Chicken Wings 10Kg
Poultry Chicken Wings Kg
Poultry Turkey Kg
Poultry Whole Chicken
Prosciutto 90 Gram Pack
Rump Steaks Kg
Sage and Onion Stuffing Kg
Salt Beef
Slized Chorizo
Smoked Bacon Kg
Smoked Streaky Bacon Kg
Smoked Venison
Smoked Whole Gammon Kg
Steak Lorne
Streaky Bacon Kg
Tripe Kg
Turkey Mince Kg
Veal Bones Kg
Veal Calf Liver Kg
Veal Osso Bucco Kg
Veal T-Bone
Veal Topside Kg
Veal Trotter
Vegetarian Sausage Kg
Venison Sausages 270 Gram Pack
Venison Sliders 2oz
Venison Steaks 6oz
Vension Striploin Fillet Kg
Whole Bacon Striploin Kg
Whole Cornfed Chicken
Whole Gammon Kg
Whole Smoked Pancetta

Our Full Product Range is available for download on PDF from the link listed below. Prices are available on request however we always require a one to one meeting with a prospective customer to fully meet your needs and expectations.

We are unique in the industry as we do not employ any sales staff. All of our referrals come from word of mouth and recommendations. We then pass the savings on to our customers.

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